Social Security Disability for Different Medical Conditions

Every SSDI or SSI claim is not handled the same. Depending on your medical condition or conditions getting your Social Security disability benefits can be easier if you know what the decision makers are looking at for your particular medical condition. Social Security has a medical listings of impairments which is a list of different medical conditions separated into categories and if you are able to show that you meet or equal one of these listings for your medical condition you will be found disabled at this step. This is not the only step in the Social Security disability test where your particular medical condition is handled differently. On the sister pages to this page, you will find medical conditions with tips and advice as to how to give yourself the best chance to win or help your claim with that particular diagnosis or how that diagnosis can help win a claim for SSD that may have other conditions as well.

Medical Conditions, listings and disability test

I will be adding new medical condition's to this section of the website frequently so if your medical condition is not here yet make sure to check back and you can also visit my other website with free Social Security disability information the "Ultimate Disability Guide" which already has many medical conditions listed. I will also eventually be adding the medical listings of impairments to this website but in the meantime you can simply go to the Social Security website page that has the medical listings of impairments. It is important that you read information about the medical conditions that you have and how Social Security evaluates them both as an individual medical condition and as a group with the rest of your diagnosis when determining if you are disabled. Simply knowing the five step process that Social Security uses to answer the question "are you disabled" will give you a basic understanding of how the decision-maker's come to their decision but knowing how your particular medical conditions are looked at and how they impact the decisions at each step of the process is invaluable information to win your claim.

SSDI, SSI and Different Medical Conditions

I will try and start with the most common medical conditions claimed in a Social Security disability case. As time goes on, I will be adding some of the more unique medical conditions that are handled quite differently in an SSDI or SSI claim. I will start with the most common mental and physical conditions such as back conditions, depression, diabetes, cancers, and other mental conditions. I will then work on pages for less common but uniquely handled conditions such as obesity, seizure disorders, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, RSD, PTSD, and many more including how Social Security handles drug and alcohol addiction in a Social Security disability claim.  While you wait for me to include many of these conditions on this website you can visit my other website which has information on individual medical conditions and SSDI.  The above is not exclusive list and I will try to eventually have as many medical conditions as possible.  If you have questions about your particular medical condition and Social Security Disability or SSI you can e-mail me or call me at 1-877-527-5529.