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Information on Social Security Disability

What is Social Security Disability? It is also referred to as SSDI and SSD. I will explain on this page what these benefits are and who qualifies for them. You will also find information on when your benefits will begin if you win and information on Medicare as well. Social Security Disability benefits require that either you or the person's benefits who you are applying for under have paid enough Social Security tax through their work earnings to be insured for Social Security Disability. In other words, you must have worked and paid your taxes for a certain number of years to be eligible. The specific amounts of work credits you need to be eligible depends on your age. The last time you worked and paid Social Security taxes also is important in determining the date of last insured which is the last day you are insured for SSDI purposes. If you have worked consistently for many years, then you would normally have to prove you are disabled within five years from the date you last worked. If you are applying as a dependent on your parents or Windows earnings then that parent or widow has to have paid enough into the system to be insured. To find out if you are insured for SSD purposes you can request a copy of your earnings record from the Social Security Administration. If you are applying as a dependent SSA will also be able to tell you if you qualify under the other persons benefits based on the rules that apply for your particular situation.

Who qualifies for Social Security disability benefits? There are essentially three types of people that can qualify for Social Security disability benefits (SSDI) (SSD) (Title II). If you are insured for benefits due to paying Social Security tax from your prior work and you are disabled and not yet at retirement age you are eligible. If you have been disabled since before age 22 and you are a dependent of a parent who is on Social Security disability benefits or Social Security retirement benefits or you were a dependent of the deceased insured parent you are eligible for these benefits. Lastly, if you are disabled and a widow or widower and between the ages of 50 and 60 and your spouse was insured under Social Security your eligible.

When do my Social Security disability benefits start? There is what is called a five-month waiting period in SSDI claims. This means benefits do not begin until five months after the date Social Security found your disability began. You should also know that benefits can only be paid retroactively one-year prior to your application.

So when will I be covered under Medicare? If you have been found disabled under Social Security disability your Medicare benefits will start after you have been receiving benefits for at least 24 months.  This website will continue to update and provide new information but to further your research visit my more detailed website on Social Security Disability information.

What is Social Security Disability and who is eligible is briefly described in the above video by Darren Suelto, Esq. an experienced SSDI lawyer who works for my firm of Kazmierczak & Kazmierczak, LLP.